Vehicle storage

Air-conditioned parking space


Protect your vehicle from corrosion and mould.


You maintain the condition of your vehicle in the long term.


The humidity and temperature in the storage room are permanently monitored and constantly regulated. (50% humidity, 15°C temperature)


The parking space can be rented permanently or on a daily basis. (also during the workshop stay)


You can collect your car at any time. We also offer a pick-up and delivery service.


Our location in Gauting is optimally monitored and protected against theft and fire.


Optionally, we can recondition and repair your classic car, sports car and motorsport vehicle with great expertise and experience.


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Vehicle storage with vehicle lifts from Eurolifter
Vehicle storage for winter storage or storage space for vehicles

Basic package

120 Monthly incl. VAT.
  • Parking space in air-conditioned storage room
  • Horizontal, sealed floor
  • Dust-free environment
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • 24/7 fire monitoring
  • No public access
  • Key storage in the safe

Standard package

185 Monthly incl. VAT.
  • Basic package
  • Battery service
    (24/7 battery maintenance)
  • Tyre service
    (regular measures to prevent stand damage)

Classic package

250 Monthly incl. VAT.
  • Standard package
  • Technical service (fluids, vehicle inspection)
  • Photo documentation of the vehicle
  • Oil drip tray under the vehicle
  • 24/7 live image activation
  • Wheeled shoes are provided

Premium package

315 Monthly incl. VAT.
  • Classic package
  • 4 movement trips per year
    (Avoidance of stand damage)
  • Monitoring of service and inspection work
  • Air-permeable vehicle cover is provided
  • Battery charger is provided
  • Hand wash before each storage

Luxury package

380 Monthly incl. VAT.
  • Premium package
  • Nitrogen storage
    (Vehicle is packed)
  • Professional preparation before each storage
  • Pick-up and delivery service included.
  • Wheelset storage
    (max. 4)
  • Organisation incl.
    (all-round carefree)

Classic car and car storage checklist - how to do it right:

  1. Clean the car thoroughly - the underbody and engine compartment are also an advantage now - and make sure that it is clean and, above all, dry.
  2. Check the paintwork, underbody and wheel arches for stone chips and repair minor damage or have it repaired. This prevents rust and preserves the paintwork.
  3. Fill up your car with petrol before putting it into storage to prevent rust on the fuel filler cap. Most newer vehicles now have a plastic petrol tank. In this case, refuelling is not necessary.
  4. Increase the air pressure to 3 bar - even better: tyre shoes
  5. If it has been a while since the last service, change the engine oil again - acids and other aggressive substances may have built up over time, which can attack the material during the service life.
  6. If the winter quarters do not have heating facilities, top up the mop water to be on the safe side. This will prevent containers, pipes and pumps from freezing.
  7. Vacuum the interior and clean washable surfaces with a damp cloth. Make sure that everything is dry again. Leave a window open a crack to ensure ventilation. This way, bad odours don't stand a chance.
  8. Do not apply the handbrake - the brake pads could harden during storage.
  9. Disconnect the battery or not? Several factors are decisive here: If the room temperature is constantly around 10 degrees or more, it is not necessary to disconnect the battery. Charge the battery fully. To be on the safe side, you can also connect a battery charger. As a general rule, the lower the temperature of the storage room, the longer the vehicle has been parked and the older the car, the better it is to disconnect or even remove the battery.
  10. Finally, you can store your mobile treasure under an air-permeable cover until spring.


If you need help preparing for the winter break or have no way of adequately winterising your car - we will be happy to help you.

Additional services:

  • Insurance service for valuable vehicles
  • Registration service nationwide / H licence plates
  • Preparation of valuations and full appraisals
  • General inspection / exhaust emission test
  • Close contact with restoration and repair workshops
  • Paint shop
  • Procurement of spare parts from recognised parts dealers
  • Smart repair and dent doctor
  • Upholstery and soft top repairs / saddler
  • Wheelset storage
  • Sandblasting, glass blasting, soda blasting, dry ice blasting
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Airport service Munich or Salzburg
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