Audi TT RS from TTe during assembly of the wheel load scales

Optimisation and tuning

In this tuning project, we have installed a freely programmable control unit. The target is 800PS.


The following hardware was installed:

  • Turbocharger
  • Intercooler
  • Suction
  • Charge air pipework
  • Exhaust system
  • Crank drive
  • Valve train
  • Reinforced flywheel


  • Reinforced clutch (DSG)
  • A manually adjustable Haldex controller in the interior for increased hydraulic pressure of the Haldex clutch on the rear axle


  • KW V3
  • Setup: Ride height, wheel load, axle geometry, damper setting

Car body

  • Improving aerodynamics
  • Rear spoiler, front spoiler, front flaps, side skirts
BMW M4 Competition san marino blue with carbon package and aero front carbon kit

Optimisation and tuning

We have made the following optimisations to this beautiful vehicle for our customer:


-Performance exhaust system from catalytic converter (titanium)
-Performance rear and front spoiler (carbon fibre)
-Performance Alcantara steering wheel with gearshift indicator
-Performance rear diffuser (carbon fibre)
-Performance forged wheels with Michelin CUP tyres
-Lowering with H&R suspension springs
-Wheel alignment and adjustment
-Transparent stone chip protection film at the front and rear
All necessary entries were approved in-house

Ferrari Testarossa engine overhaul restoration

Inspection and maintenance


The timing belt on this V12 engine has been replaced. Ferrari specifies a replacement interval of 36 months. The valve clearance was also checked and adjusted.


The valve covers were then resealed. All fluids and service parts were replaced. The brake callipers on the front axle were overhauled, as the brake pistons had rusted after a long period of disuse.

Optimisation and tuning

The engine would no longer start when warm and had a rough idle. We overhauled and optimised the engine to extend its running time.


The oil pressure was increased from 5 to 8 bar. The sealing strips on the rotors have been replaced with GOOPY PERFORMANCE APEX sealing strips.
All wear parts and seals were replaced. The rotors and rotor housings were cleaned and polished.
After the engine overhaul, the compression values were back within the target values and the engine runs smoothly and has full power.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS with central locking

Optimisation and tuning

Manual flap control via remote control
A module is mounted in a concealed position. You can then control the exhaust flaps by remote control regardless of the driving mode. Why do this? You can fully enjoy the acoustics of the exhaust system at low load and engine speed.


Pit limiter retrofitted
We have retrofitted the OE Pit Limiter from the 991.1 to this car. This allows the speed in the pit lane to be limited to the set speed.


Replacement pipes for centre silencer
The centre silencers have been replaced with replacement pipes. This increases the service life of the engine as the heat is dissipated better. Another advantage is that the car is approx. 30kg lighter and the acoustics are improved. We weld these pipes ourselves to the highest quality. We do not have any rattling noises from the flaps.


Aero setting
The manufacturer's setup is not optimal. We can make the car faster with certain settings and applications.


The installation of Stahlflex brake hoses, sports brake pads and motorsport brake fluid noticeably improves braking behaviour. Especially recommended if you want to prepare the car for a track day.


GPS transmitter
You can check the location of your vehicle at any time using an app on your mobile phone. A module is connected to the vehicle electrical system. It is concealed. If the battery voltage is interrupted, the module transmits for a further 48 hours using an integrated rechargeable battery.

Porsche 996

Optimisation and tuning

The customer came to our workshop because of rattling noises when accelerating.


Diagnosis: Remove the spark plugs and check the cylinder walls with the endoscope.


The cylinder walls and pistons had severe signs of wear. The excessive piston clearance in the TDC range of the cylinders causes the pistons to tilt and produces a rattling noise. If action is not taken quickly in this case, there is a risk of major engine damage.


We have solved the known problem of these engines with reinforced cylinders and pistons to significantly increase the service life of the engine.


At the same time, the clutch was renewed and all the seals replaced. The service filters and fluids were also changed at the same time.


Our customer is now enjoying a car with a significant increase in value. Experts know that this measure makes the vehicle significantly more reliable.

Renault Clio RS wheel alignment for Racetrack CCL Car Competence Leutenstorfer GmbH Gauting Kfz KFZ-Teile Leutenstorfer GmbH Kfz-workshop workshop master workshop specialist workshop classic car sports car motorsport racing car CUP trackday parking space garage vehicle storage Munich Gräfelfing Starnberg Gilching Puchheim Neuried Fürstenfeldbruck Freiham Germering tuning tyre storage Planegg Krailling Alling Eichenau Schäftlarn Grünwald Pöcking Feldafing Wolfratshausen Garmisch Partenkirchen Herrsching Inning Ammersee Pullach Seeshaupt Weilheim Autowerkstatt Tuningwerkstatt freie Werkstatt markenunabhängig Hobbywerkstatt carporn Fahrzeugtechnik Kfz-Repair KFZ Service Automobile Autoservice Autohaus Classic Klassik Historisch heritage history Unfallschaden Karosserie Competition Rennsport Pkw Personenkraftwagen FFB STA M Olching Autoglas wechseln erneuern in der Nähe Technik Fahrzeugtechnik Kfz-Technik Kfz-Service Chiptuning Leistungssteigerung Kfz-Team Carport Deutschland Bayern Süddeutschland Racing Race ready to race GT Performance Rennstrecke racetrack rennwagen racecar fahren drive fast schnell Rundenzeiten Rekord challenge Prüfstützpunkt Hauptuntersuchung HU AU TÜV TUEV Hipp V Pruefstuetzpunkt Geräusch Geruch klappern schleifen Klappergeräusch Benzin Diesel Tankstelle Aerodynamik understeer oversteer neutral fahrverhalten VW AUDI BMW Mercedes-Benz Renault Opel Skoda Ford Cupra Seat Ferrari Lamborghini Porsche Jaguar Fiat Hyundai Toyota Kia Lancia Volvo Mini Mitsubishi Mazda Tesla Citroen Nissan Smart Jeep Land Rover Honda Kia Suzuki Subaru Lexus Alfa Romeo DS MG Abarth Aston Martin Bentley Maybach Alpina Bugatti Lotus Maserati McLaren Morgan Rolls-Royce

Optimisation and tuning

By installing hard PU bearings, we have been able to significantly improve the driving behaviour of this track tool. Adjusting the wheel load, ride height, rebound and compression of the shock absorbers and the axle geometry on the wheel alignment stand improves the lap times enormously.


Motor/ Gearbox
The service life of the engine can be extended by installing improved connecting rod bolts. The standard clutch has been replaced by a sports clutch.


We have installed a lightweight motorsport battery with a circuit breaker. This saves the car 10kg. The fire extinguisher had expired. We had the extinguishing system checked by our partners and the homologation was renewed.

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