Maximilian Leutenstorfer

Maximilian Leutenstorfer Master car mechanic

Geschäftsführermail@ccl-kfz.dem.leutenstorfer@ccl-kfz.de089 / 203 204 680157 / 76800413 Biography The first in the family with petrol in his blood. It's dynamism and sport! After successfully completing his master craftsman's examination in 2014, he founded KFZ-Teile Leutenstorfer GmbH in his grandparents' old farmhouse. Motivated by the desire for perfection, the company is continuously expanded and perfected. In 2024, the new building of a [...]

Julius Heyder

Julius Heyder Master mechanic, certified Porsche workshop manager

Serviceleitermail@ccl-kfz.dej.heyder@ccl-kfz.de089 / 203 247 680160 / 96521481 Biography Fascination with motor vehicles Through many years of experience as a master motor vehicle technician and certified workshop manager, Julius Heyder has shone in customer service and as a workshop manager for luxury car brands such as Bentley and Aston Martin as well as in the sporty segment for the Porsche brand. He has been advising you since 2024 and is available with advice and [...]

Maximilian Kühn

Maximilian Kühn Car mechanic

Werkstattleitermail@ccl-kfz.dem.kuehn@ccl-kfz.de089 / 203 247 68 Biography Maxi is the ace in the workshop, screwing is not just a job for him, it's his vocation. He has been with the company since 2021. He ensures that everything runs smoothly in the workshop and supports his colleagues and trainees with his experience and expertise. [...]

Andrea Wiesner

Andrea Wiesner Accounting CCL

Buchhaltungmail@ccl-kfz.dea.wiesner@ccl-kfz.de089 203 247 68 Add to contacts

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